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Now You Can Learn How, While Mailing Our List Of Proven Buyers,
Right From The Word Go, Because I Have Combined One Of The Best
List Building Courses Available Online With A Pro Only Mailer!

Mark Fox here, and I have good news – You have arrived at this page because KNOW that the money in internet marketing is in the list...But,
list's never quite work the way the GURUS say they are supposed to.

So, what is it that they tell you to do? I was always taught to build a capture page, create a freebie, give it away and build your list that way, but here is the thing…

There can be little or NO money in those lists. Those list members seem to LOVE the free downloads. But they don't seem to like being asked to buy stuff. If fact, some just unsubscribed as soon as they get the free stuff.

This can also be the case in mailers too. I am a huge fan of mailers and own a couple of my own but one thing that works really well in mailers is eliminating those freebie seekers that use up your credits and never buy a thing. This is why I really love pro mailers.

That is why I have combined one of the best video training courses online with a Pro only mailer.

I actually stumbled on this course by accident, but when I watched the videos, I knew I was on to something, and by being a big fan of pro only mailers I could see how what was being taught would work.

Have a look at these 2 examples (Uses monthly averages over the last 6 months)...

1) List of 6000 - Generated $806 per month - Built using the typical list building techniques.

2) List of 918 - Generated $2,948 per month - Built using the pre qualified buyers technique.

Ask Yourself "What Type Of List Would You Like To Build?" 

What I decided to do next was grab the resell rights to the course as well as purchasing it's top level domain name and instead of just putting it up for sale on its own, I decided to combine it with a pro mailer at the same time.

This works in your favour, big time as you can also make money promoting it with our built in affiliate program while we take care of all the hosting and delivery. But also, it means that for the low $10 entry fee not only do you get access to this great course where you can watch it at will and not have to download it, and you get the ability to promote it and earn money yourself, but you also get 5,000 mailing credits as well as access to the built in pro mailer.

So, while you watch these videos and learn how to go about building your list of buyers, I can now let you mail our list of buyers as everyone inside this Pro Only Mailer has paid to join…

But before we go ahead, I want you to see whats included in the video training course that comes with your membership fee…

So let's dive into what you'll discover in the 10 video lessons…

Module 1 to 3

AIM: Laying the Profitable Foundation for Listbuilding

You will learn the right steps to take in the beginning to lead to a profitable list. You will see the SAME things that the Gurus do but don't teach to newbies. Once you understand this part, you'll have REAL confidence in the system…just as you're getting started.

Module 5 to 7

READY: Preparation for Building a Buyer's List

In these videos you will learn the key element to building a profitable list.It will seem like you're taking this step out of order. But as you see the entire system, you take this step so seriously that you'll probably start profiting even before you start getting subscribers.

Module 8 to 10

FIRE: Putting the Buyers into Your Database

In this part of the course, you will be taken step by step through this final process of getting the subscribers that spend real money on to your list. You'll never even know what it means to have cheapie freebies seekers to email. You'll already know you have people that are serious enough about their business to be open to spending money.

You just need to be willing to implement them in the NON TRADITIONAL WAY - so that you can get buyers on your list. Once you believe it, you'll be able to take the steps with confidence.

So, that is the List Building On Crack training course. Now let us have a look what you get from the Pro Only Mailer included with your membership...

* Mail Only Proven Buyers Who Have Paid To Gain Entry.
* Get 5,000 Credits Right At Signup So You Can Start Mailing Right Away.
* Earn More Mailing Credits As & When You Need Them.
* Fast & Easy To Use Mailer.
* Quick & Simple To Signup.
* Double Opt In List To Ensure Spam Free Mailing.

Go ahead and click the "Get Started Now" button below
to gain access to this awesome Pro Only Mailer & super video training all for a low one time payment of just $10!

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"This is a great idea for an online advertising site. Proven-buyer-only email lists give a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach lots of other people who are serious about their internet marketing businesses and, based on the performance of Mark's other sites, I am confident that this site will quickly get a large member base and be a valuable asset for everyone who joins and uses the mailer and list building courses."
Peter Turner

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